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Google Apps For Education Training is a Course

Google Apps For Education Training

Started Oct 31, 2017
4 credits

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Clarification on the stipend for this class: The stipend is still available for those who complete the course outside of work hours.   We are still getting paid for a normal workday.  If you complete this course during that workday, it is as if the district got a sub for you.  There is no stipend available for that, as the training took place during your normal day.  If you complete it after the regular workday, there is a stipend available. 

This is on the honor system.  If you completed the course during your work day, don't put in for the stipend.

Upon completion, please fill out a dark yellow BESD Contracted Payroll Voucher and PRINT THE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (last module in course) and submit to Heidi Wheatley at the Distrcit Office. $100 stipend 4 relicensure points